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About us

New Park Trading Company is a leading company in the field of general trade, advertising, promotion, administrative services, investment, and real estate development. The company was founded with passion and vision to provide integrated and innovative solutions to our clients. We constantly strive for excellence and innovation in all aspects of our work, focusing on meeting our clients’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction.


“Our mission is to deliver outstanding and efficient services to our clients across a wide range of sectors. We aim to achieve sustainable growth and enhance the performance of our clients’ businesses through innovative and integrated solutions. We are dedicated to building strong strategic partnerships and enhancing the value we bring to our businesses and communities.”

What do we offer ?

Administrative services

We offer comprehensive administrative services aimed at facilitating company operations and enhancing operational efficiency. From administrative management to systems and software management, we assist companies in focusing on their core businesses and achieving success.


New Park Trading Company specializes in providing creative and effective advertising and promotion services. We consider advertising as one of the most crucial elements contributing to business success, and thus, we offer innovative and customized solutions to help our clients build a strong identity and increase audience engagement.

General trading

New Park Trading Company is a leading company in the field of general trade, offering a diverse range of high-quality products. We always strive to meet our customers’ needs and achieve their satisfaction by providing products that excel in excellence and superior performance.

Our experiences and achievements

Park shop

At Park Shop, we take pride in being a part of New Park Trading Company and its pioneering vision in the business world. We consider ourselves an enthusiastic team, working with a team spirit to achieve the company’s goals and future vision.

Park Shop aims to provide a distinguished shopping experience for our customers by offering a diverse selection of high-quality tires, oils, and batteries. Our professional team is dedicated to providing advice and guidance to customers to assist them in choosing optimal and suitable solutions for their vehicles.


New Park Trading Company is proud to announce its partnership with Taby, a leading company in surveillance and security technology. Taby is a renowned global brand known for providing cutting-edge technologies in the field of surveillance cameras and security solutions.

Thanks to this partnership, New Park Trading Company can offer its customers a diverse range of innovative and advanced Taby products. These products include high-quality surveillance systems with superior performance, contributing to enhancing security and monitoring in establishments, residential areas, and commercial offices.


The “Areed” app is a completely secure platform for online commerce and shopping, proudly sponsored by New Park Trading Company. The app aims to provide a reliable and trustworthy environment for both shoppers and merchants. We prioritize ensuring the accuracy of information and credibility in all accounts and advertisements on the platform.

By using the “Areed” app, shoppers can enjoy a safe and reliable shopping experience with access to a diverse range of products and services. Similarly, merchants can benefit from a trustworthy environment to showcase their products and services securely, as well as respond to customer reviews and ratings to enhance their business performance. The app fosters a mutual relationship of trust between shoppers and merchants, creating a thriving marketplace for everyone involved.

What do they say about us?

"New Park Trading Company is a professional and reliable company. We have dealt with them on several occasions, and our experience with them has always been excellent. They provide innovative and integrated solutions to our needs, ensuring the achievement of our goals."

John Doe, CEO of Extra Space

"Park Shop store is the best place to buy tires, car oils, and batteries. They save time and effort in searching for the best deals and quality, and we have complete confidence in their products."

Jane Smith, CEO of Monarch Inc.

"New Standpoint Company is our trusted strategic partner in the field of marketing and advertising. They provide distinctive and innovative advertising services that effectively help us reach our target audience."

Jane Smith, CEO of Monarch Inc.

work team

Ahmed Al-Dahwi

Ahmed Al-Dahwi


Firas Al-Husseini

Firas Al-Husseini

Deputy Managing Director

Abdullah Al-Dahwi

Abdullah Al-Dahwi

Director of the financial department

Ahmed Al-Dahwi

Ahmed Al-Dahwi


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